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Les joueurs étrangers en Ligue 1 ivoirienne : Qui sont-ils ?

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Les joueurs étrangers en Ligue 1 ivoirienne : Qui sont-ils ?


Ligue 1 ivoirienne has been a hub for talented players from around the world. Ivory Coast, with its diverse cultural background, has been an ideal destination for foreign players to showcase their skills. Over the years, the league has attracted players from all continents, bringing in a unique blend of football styles and techniques. In this article, we will explore the most prominent foreign players currently playing in Ligue 1 ivoirienne.

The Top Foreign Players in Ligue 1 Ivoirienne

1. William Amamoo

William Amamoo, a Ghanaian striker, has been one of the most consistent performers in the league. He joined ASEC Mimosas in 2018 and has been an integral part of the team ever since. He has an excellent scoring record, and his skill on the ball makes him a dangerous player in front of the opposition goal.

2. Ahmadou Dia

Ahmadou Dia is a Cameroonian midfielder who joined FC San Pedro in 2019. He is known for his defensive abilities and has been a vital cog in the team’s midfield. His tackling and interception skills have helped FC San Pedro in some of their most challenging matches.

3. Zied Ounalli

Zied Ounalli, a Tunisian goalkeeper, has been a crucial player for the league champions, SOA. He has an impressive record of clean sheets and has been a significant reason for SOA’s success in the league.

Why Foreign Players Are Important for Ligue 1 Ivoirienne

Foreign players bring in a different style of football and technical ability to the league. Their presence helps to raise the level of football in the country and provides young Ivorian players with the opportunity to learn from experienced players from different backgrounds.

Additionally, foreign players contribute to the growth of the league by increasing its popularity and bringing in fans from their home countries. This, in turn, generates revenue for the league and creates opportunities for more investment in the sport.


Q: How many foreign players are allowed in Ligue 1 Ivoirienne teams?

A: According to the league regulations, each team is allowed to register up to five foreign players for a season.

Q: Are foreign players paid more than Ivorian players in Ligue 1 Ivoirienne?

A: It depends on the player’s skill level and experience. Foreign players who are experienced and highly skilled may earn more than their Ivorian counterparts. However, many foreign players earn similar wages to Ivorian players.


Foreign players have played a crucial role in the growth and development of Ligue 1 Ivoirienne. Their presence has not only helped to raise the level of football in the country but also created opportunities for young Ivorian players to learn from experienced players from different backgrounds. As the league continues to grow, the contributions of foreign players will be essential in maintaining its success.

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